Dimensions of the Arrowhead greenhouse

Width - 2,6m.

Height - 2.5 m.

Length - 2m, 4 m, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m. .....

The maximum snow load of 450 kg/m²

Prices from $199

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Greenhouse kit pricing

2 m. - $199

4 m. - $289

6 m. - $379

8 m. - $469
Polycarbonate cost is not included in pricing

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The greenhouse “Dachnaya Arrowhead” is as strong as a close-knit family! The greenhouse Arrowhead has a cardinally new framework, designed specially for snowy winters. New, modern, stylish greenhouse. High, spacious greenhouse. Compactly packed for carrying by car. Ice rain and anomalously snowy winter of 2010-2011 led to the collapse of thousand of arched greenhouses produced by different companies because of the accumulation of snow and sleet on the greenhouse top. The pointed form of the extra strong greenhouse Dachnaya Arrowhead prevents snow accumulation on its top. The framework is made of the strong shape, having established its reputation in professional greenhouses “Farmer”. Like a square pipe it has four stiffening ribs, but unlike it the bends of the shape are differently directed, which gives the greenhouse extra strength in comparison with a square. Besides, the framework of Arrowhead has a zinc coating from both sides, which guarantees the protection from corrosion for at least 20 years. Seeing is believing! It’s better see the greenhouse Arrowhead once, than hear the comments about its qualities.
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